The Château Ferrande gates




Château Ferrande’s graceful silhouette stands at the end of a long cedar-lined pathway, at the entry to the village of Castres-sur-Gironde. Nestled in the heart of gardens containing rare plants, linden trees and horse chestnuts, Château Ferrande’s elegant nineteenth century manor house stands out for its superb façade. A symphony of stone and light gives the edifice the appearance of a jewel, encased in shimmering green.

Once home to an important smithy, Ferrande was a compulsory stop for travellers on the road from Bordeaux to Toulouse. The erstwhile blacksmith’s legacy endures not only in the château’s name (fer / Ferrande), but also in the passion for hand-crafted excellence that continues to inspire today’s occupants.

A view of the Château Ferrande manor house


Marc Maintenat: Château Ferrande property manager
Detail of the Château Ferrande barrel cellar

Dazzled by the quality of property’s terroir, the Castel family made the decision to acquire Château Ferrande in 1992. Having been tenants for over sixteen years, the family was indelibly linked to the property before beginning a new chapter, setting out to offer the property renewed brilliance. Substantial investments and an ambitious renovation project, especially in the winery, have brought out the terroir’s innate excellence.

Beyond technical means, it was also necessary to find the artisan capable of cutting this rough diamond. Marc Maintenat, who at the time was working at a property near to another Family Estate (Château Campet), stood out from the crowd. As dedicated property manager at Château Ferrande for the past 27 years, Maintenat has humbly learned to understand this complex terroir, fashioning wines that find the perfect balance of boldness and elegance.


Logo : Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux

From vintage to vintage, the work carried out at Château Ferrande has been met with increasingly distinguished recognition. Today, the property is proud to be among the 131 châteaux that make up the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux, and the 350 members of the prestigious Commanderie du Bontemps. Beyond the distinction that these institutions imply, membership carries with it the responsibility to represent Bordeaux’s finest wines all over the world.

Logo: Commanderie du Bontemps
An event organised by the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux
Véréna Raoux: Château Ferrande ambassador

The property’s commitment to cultivating and communicating expertise as part of these organisations is embodied by Véréna Raoux. Tasting after tasting, vintage after vintage, her spontaneous conviviality and intimate knowledge of Château Ferrande’s wines have contributed to the worldwide renown enjoyed by the property’s iconic yellow label. As property ambassador and member of the family, Véréna is living proof of Castel’s multi-generational attachment to Château Ferrande.

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