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The Art of Distinction

Located in the village of Castres-sur-Gironde, Château Ferrande cultivates the art of distinction. The château’s exceptional terroir sets it apart in the Graves, and its unique wines offer a remarkably distinguished expression of the appellation.

Between being distinguished and distinguishing oneself, between cultivating difference and nurturing elegance, is there a distinction to be made?

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Château Ferrande red
Château Ferrande white

"A terroir of formed of precious stones,
an uncut diamond shaped with passion and patience,
that today gleams all the brighter…”

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The Terroir

Graves terroir at Château Ferrande
Flowers in the vines at Château Ferrande

At Château Ferrande, the terroir sets itself apart as one of the finest representations of the Graves appellation’s geological patchwork. The Guntzian gravel that makes up the soil here represents a collection of precious stones, inspiring the property’s delicate, respectful vineyard management.

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Bottles in the Château Ferrande cellar

Wines of distinction.

Château Ferrande’s wines are crafted in perfect resonance with their terroir, an expression of complexity and freshness. Shared distinction refracts into two colours, each with its own distinct character.

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Château Ferrande
33640 Castres-Gironde


Château Ferrande is one of the jewels in the Castel Family Estates crown.

The Family Estates are an expression of our expertise, our passion for terroir, and our commitment to sustainability.
We have specialized in French wine since our establishment over 60 years ago. As both winemakers and wine merchants, Castel Châteaux & Grands Crus’ fine wine expertise has continually grown and evolved to the present day.

20 Family Estates*, 3 generations

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